Our Town

The OUR TOWN series was born in 1996 when our programming director thought that our rural viewers had some great stories to share and that they would be lost if WPSU (then WPSX) would not be there to capture and share them. And it would be a great idea to partner with the communities and train them to tell their stories visually thru video. 

When I became the producer, I revitalized the series, increased number of episodes produced, and reduced production budget while increasing fundraising response and enhancing community engagement. I also trained other PBS member stations how to produce their own versions of the series, presenting webinars, visiting stations, and hosting sessions at annual PBS conferences.

I took over the series in 2009. I made several changes to help increase efficiency and community engagement. I’ve also begun working with other PBS stations to help them get similar programs started at their own stations. Video courtesy of WPSU, Penn State. Producer/Director: Whitney Chirdon